Maremma honey massage Fluid and relaxing maneuvers on the whole body in order to drain, nourish and detoxify the skin thanks to the benefits of warm honey. 45 ′ euro 79
Candle massage: extremely relaxing, decontracting and engaging massage that is performed by melting a massage candle on the body, giving the recipient an extremely profound multisensory experience. with organic, relaxing and nourishing shea butter 45 ‘€ 79.00

Relaxing: Total body massage with organic coconut oil, soft and enveloping techniques, promotes relaxation of the whole body, relieves psychophysical tensions, promotes sleep and tranquility 45 ‘€ 79.00
Decontracting: muscle loosening, manipulations aimed at muscle relaxation, relieves contractures and physical stiffness, reduces the sensations of muscle numbness and promotes loosening. 45 ′ euro 79.00
Draining / myo-lymphatic: lymphatic drainage techniques and manual skills aimed at dissolving the stagnation of liquids and lymph. Helps relieve the feeling of bloating and promotes the movement of body fluids. 45 ′ € 79.00
Light draining legs massage ideal for eliminating localized swelling and reactivating blood circulation 25 ′ € 39
Circulatory: cupping and manipulation that promote circulation and microcyrene. Accentuates skin perceptions, improves subcutaneous microcirculation, invigorates and awakens the body from numbness and stasis. 45′ € 79
Localized massage at will, ideal for relieving tension in specific points of the body 30 ‘€ 39

Holistic Treatments

Foot reflexology: manipulation of organic points reflected on the foot through which it is possible to relieve inflammation, states of stasis, tension, pain, psychosomatic discomfort, promoting the detoxification of the body 45 ‘euro 79
Aromatherapy massage (DO TERRA) innovative technique, a light touch along the back in synergy with selected essential oils which, by stimulating reflex points and zonal areas, activates the energy forces and physiological processes, restoring vital homeostasis to the body. 45 ′ €79

Shiatsu techniques: treatment on a bed. An ancient technique of Japanese origins which, in accordance with the principles of oriental medicines, allows the body to self-balance through pressure on specific points and energy channels. 45′ €79


The expression “Holistic Therapy” means a method that aims to heal the person in his entirety and therefore not only body but also soul, mind and emotions. The term “holism” is in fact a word that derives from the Greek and whose meaning is totality. These treatments create the experience of a living and conscious contact with the body. Because the holistic beauty treatments activate the structuring vital forces and stimulate the lymphatic flow, thus promoting the regeneration processes and health.


During the Treatment, the touch has a rhythm similar to the breath. The beautician does not carry out manipulation maneuvers on the person during the treatment it is essential to restore a correct balance, with delicate movements that seem to breathe.People love to indulge in a massage when they are afflicted by tensions.With the Melosa Spa Holistic Treatment it is possible to obtain the desired result, body, mind and spirit enter into synergy with the right vibration and even if no manipulations are performed, headaches due to tension are relieved. During the treatment, inner tranquility and relaxation increase, especially in people who remain trapped, so to speak, in the whirlwind of their thoughts and in all those who suffer from strong tensions. While not reaching the muscles, our body treatment promotes relaxation. This is also due to the attention that characterizes our relationship with customers, who at the end of the treatment feel deeply relaxed, from head to toe. a sense of deep relaxation, which is also reflected on the face. not only from the musculature but also from the tissues. All this is reflected in the expression and facial features, which appear more relaxed. During the Holistic Body Treatment we work slowly. We only discover the areas of the body that we treat, while the others remain covered. We use a small amount of oil so that the hands are always in contact with the tissues, unlike the Ayurvedic treatment, in which a lot of oil is used and the hands slide on the skin without being able to establish contact with the tissues. In these treatments, the difference is the use of a small amount of oil, which allows you to really come into contact with the tissues and this makes the difference. Time for oneself: an authentic gift, essential for letting go deeply.