In the warm and welcoming La Melosa Wellness Center, designed by Deckelmann, you will find: Sauna, Turkish bath, energizing showers, heated bench, 2 whirlpool tubs, 2 massage cabins, relaxation area, changing room.

All in perfect harmony with the rural architecture of the Resort.

We think it is important to introduce you to the “Acqua del Giglio” cosmetic line with extracts of native plants of the Giglio Island

It is a natural cosmetic line created by a small artisan laboratory that operates, like us, in full respect of the environment using bioenergic systems, one of which allows the elimination absolute of electromagnetic waves from the production rooms, while the water used for the construction of the line is energetically charged by an organic system which makes it a real active ingredient useful for the regeneration (awakening) process of skin cells.

The officinal herbs that arise naturally on the Isola del Giglio , the vitamins and the plant extracts included in the products rebalance and restore to the skin all those substances necessary to keep it healthy and young as an extraordinary elixir of youth

We want to use only products of which we can be sure of satisfying the guest’s needs as much as possible and because

A profound culture of well-being springs from the very essence of Nature.

? Agreement with the Terme di Petriolo

The Therapeutic Thermal Baths are fed by hyperthermal water + 43 ° C which springs from the source located on the bank of the Farma torrent. The strong smell of sulfur that emanates is due to the presence of hydrogen sulphide in considerable concentrations; it is also rich in free carbon dioxide, calcium, fluorine, chloride ions, sulphate and hydrogen carbonate