Sovana Cathedral

It is located at the western end of the town and can be reached by proceeding along the main road that passes through the square. Its construction dates back to the XII-XIV century.

It stands on the remains of the first settlements of  Sovana , which date back to the Etruscan period.

You enter the Cathedral through a side entrance of rare beauty: it is a white marble portal bearing sophisticated bas-relief decorations representing phytomorphic and zoomorphic elements, symbols prior to the Christian period.

The interior of the church is divided into three naves with cross vaults and all-round arches typical of the Romanesque period.

The cross-shaped polychrome pillars separate the three naves and bear interesting sculptures in the capitals attributable to the Lombard school of the century. XI.

In 1434 (the year of peace between  Siena  and  Sovana ) the church was equipped with a beautiful baptismal font in carved travertine.

Next is the ciborium in gilded and silvered copper (now preserved in Pitigliano in the diocesan museum), attributed to the Florentine school, influences of Donatellian plasticism are evident.

Later the church was enriched with a carved table called “ark of San Mamiliano” (patron saint of Sovana).

Finally, in the first decades of the 16th century, the largest architectural ciborium in gilded wood in all of southern Tuscany was added.


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