Sovana Archaeological Area

It is located west of the town, along the road leading to San Martino on Fiora, and is also reached by the spectacular Vie Cave that connect it to other cemeteries in the area, in the picturesque scenery of  the Tufo Archaeological Park .Sovana well having provided Eeneolithic evidence, it developed mainly in the Etruscan era; the monumental tombs present in the area are about a hundred.Notable examples are the Tomb of the Siren, aedicule, in the locality of Poggio di Sopra Ripa, the Tomb of the Typhon on the Poggio Stanziale, the Grotta Pala on the Poggio Prisca and, above all, the monumental Tomba Ildebranda on Poggio Felceto.

Along the road that leads from the town of Sovana to San Martino sul Fiora, it is possible to reach the ruins of a Rock Oratory of uncertain historical origins which is excavated in the tuff with a large cross engraved on the ceiling.


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