Famous for its fortress immortalized by Simone Martini in the “Guidoriccio”  Montemassi  is a small town of almost 200 inhabitants, at a height of 280 meters. of the projects envisaged by the “Territorial Pact for Development”. The area that includes the current Multifunctional Center (which will also become a documentation center on the entire archaeological area), the small park of Remembrance and the existing sports facilities is now conceived as urban support structure for cultural activities linked to the presence of the castle. Montemassi is also expanding along two routes, behind the small church of the Madonna and along the old stretch of the provincial road, further down.

Near Montemassi, in Ponte del Ricci, on 17 June 1944, 4 partisans were killed by the Nazis.


S.P. 157 KM 22
58036 Roccastrada(GR)

Tel. + 39 339 1346282

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