The historic center is interesting, enclosed within the hexagonal Medici walls, with the Romanesque-Gothic cathedral, which preserves numerous works of art, including the venerated Madonna delle Grazie by Matteo di Giovanni and two splendid Renaissance windows, the most interesting monument in the city Begun in 1190, however, it has seen numerous alterations and restorations that have taken away part of its primitive splendor. Also of interest is the fourteenth-century  convent of S. Francesco  with the valuable Crucifix attributed to Duccio di Buoninsegna and the  Sienese Cassero , incorporated in the well-preserved enclosure. of the sixteenth-century Medici Walls which, having exhausted their defensive function, now perform the role of “green walk”. The Archaeological and Art Museum of Maremma is also worth a visit  and the  Museum of Sacred Art of the Diocese of Grosseto .

The  Maremma , in search of its traditions, among other things, has enhanced the ancient ceremony of “Merca”, the branding of young cattle (oxen and horses) necessary to be able to enter the animals in the herd.

La Merca can be relived in Alberese on May 1st, inside the Uccellina Park; on the 15th of August, however, you can watch the rodeo dei Butteri Maremmani.


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